Northern California PGA Section is participating in the opportunity to create awareness benefiting its PGA HOPE program at the grassroots level and supporting our Veterans’. With this program called "Bloom for Good", Veterans or Patrons have the opportunity to earn FREE customized golf bags with support of family and friends. Let’s build up our Patriots and support a Veteran today!


What is “Bloom for Good” Online Bag Program?

  • It is an online fundraiser that generates proceeds for the Northern California PGA Foundation and supports their initiative of PGA HOPE. 
  • It offers golfers the opportunity to earn a free, limited-edition personalized Sun Mountain Golf Bag with the PGA HOPE Northern California logo in your choice of canvas options (the veteran's name will be embroidered on the ball pocket along with their branch of service / patron’s will have name only).
  • The program typically lasts 18 days.
  • It’s simple and user-friendly because participants receive every element necessary to succeed including their custom-built fundraising page and series of communication about the section foundation.
  • Once the Veteran or Patron reaches the goal of $400, he/she will earn his/her free, personalized golf bag!
  • Net proceeds will support the Northern California PGA Section to support their PGA HOPE programs.


bagofhope PjGraham1 

 PGA HOPE Northern California Graduate Paul Graham with his new golf bag


PGA HOPE has saved lives. It is amazing how trying to hit a golf ball can benefit a person's mental and physical health!  YOU can make a difference in the life of veterans:

  • Your donation of $250 will put one Veteran through the entire PGA HOPE instruction program; or $500 for two Veterans...
  • Your donation of $200 can fund a brand new set of Strata golf clubs for him/her; or $1,000 for five sets of brand new clubs... 
  • Your donation of $7,000 can fund an entire PGA HOPE program for a group of 30 veterans; plus the ongoing playing opportunites that come after they graduate from the program. You will be introducing veterans in need to the sport for a lifetime!

Every dollar that YOU give will count towards improving the lives of veterans through the game of golf. The NCPGA Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization, tax ID #75-3249593, cash donations are 100% tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law. Your support of the PGA HOPE Northern California program is appreciated.

To make a Donation - Click Here 

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